In the cold of a winter morning
I hear you.
‘neath the waves of the summer sea
I feel your every move

I live out all your moments
In a time zone of my own
And I pray for you
When I am alone

Amongst commuter hustle
Lies a charming still
The blur of crowds
Creates a smooth surrender

I travel back in mind
To the place that I was born
To days I recall
That weren’t battered down and torn

Far outside my window
Yellow fields lie
The misty clouds
Beyond my comprehension

My boundaries are complete
When I know you’re in my space
My mind can only rest at ease
When everything’s in place

Continue, continue,
Continue breathing
That’s what you do
When there’s nothing else to do
Your heart will carry on
When you’re on the ropes
Determination doesn’t cease
When you’re sliding down the slopes

Just keep breathing.

Focus on the core of your life
Just keep breathing
Just keep breathing


Stream of consciousness

The way the stream begins its journey
From the mountain top
Is stuttering
And it’s barely even a stream

Then it gathers momentum
As it finds a pace it carves out a groove
More substantial
More permanent
It knows its future further down the hill may be stronger.

It occasionally splits out some way down the hill
Sometimes it may settle into an enclosed pool mid-way down a mountain side
Here the waters are still
Eventually it may dry up in the hot summer months

Mostly though, the water continues down Flurrying through the valley
Joining new streams until it bolts it’s way down into the river
The metropolis of water.
Premier destination for all mountain-top starter-streams.

And the river ebbs, meanders, rallies and twists throughout the counties

Until it arrives at the sea
And there the journey is complete.

No Title Required

Hello – hi there, I’m sorry to disturb you
But, well, you’ve not seemed yourself for a while
I’m probably just nosey, getting in your way, it’s just..
I can’t remember when I last saw you smile

Maybe you’ll tell me, and maybe you won’t
Does it matter that I went out of my way?
Months ago I noticed, weeks ago I worried
And i don’t know why I happened to choose today

Your brave face and busy days may provide a mask
But the signs may be breaking through
It took a little time, to recognise the signs
That lately I’m not really seeing you

Could it be the big things just getting too much?
Or is it just a small thing standing tall?
Maybe its something more sincere and something much more deep
And you just want to run away from it all

When the sun is shining are there clouds in your mind?
The rain may clear the haze but leave a scar
Tell me – is there no escaping it, is there no reprieve?
Or is it something that’s just gone a bit too far?

I don’t the answer, I’ll wait for you to speak
Just know there is a friend to lend a hand
I’ll listen, I’ll support, I’ll protect and I’ll remember
I guess it’s ok if I don’t really understand.

From A to B

It only takes a little nudge
To knock him off his bike
Knock him to the floor and bring him down
Your words today they hurt him
His happy thoughts desert him
And he’s aimlessly wandering round the town

He must be obsessed,
Either that or he’s depressed
Jealousy is what lies in between
He admits, he is jealous
And it’s wrenching at his gut
And he doesn’t know just what it is he’s seen

Can’t think about anything else
And thinking leads to drinking
And drinking surely cures a troubled mind,
But the morning after
Not even a child’s laughter
Can help him leave his darkest thoughts behind

Does he need a doctor?
Or does he need a shrink?
Or does he need to live with his own doubt?
He dare talk to no-one
In case they find the truth
And he’s not ready to hear it spelled out

Take him as he is or take him
To a sealed room
When he doesn’t know if it’s dark or light
Don’t tell him what you did today
Don’t tell him what you’ll do tomorrow
And he can’t think about what you might have done tonight.

He’ll get over it he surely will
He did it once before
He ran a thousand miles to stand right here
He’ll knock you off his radar
He knows he’s not on yours
And the future now is becoming slowly clear.

Running with dignity

There’s a dignity to running a race,
For a cause, or someone you love
A spirit of a kind, that can’t be compared
And that no evil can rise above.

The boy who ran for his mother,
In her memory, after she died.
The daughter who ran with her father,
And is always a help by his side.

There’s a dignity in being a helper,
For runners who are visually impaired
People are running for victims,
For children who live their lives scared.

People of all sizes and nations
Running for all kinds of reasons
Raising money beyond expectation
Training through all of the seasons

…yes, there was dignity in what happened today…
Muscles will be broken and pained.
But the spirit isn’t broken, but strengthened,
And it’s in spirit that hope is retained.

I’m Afraid

I’m Afraid


I’m Afraid, I’m Afraid,

Said the girl with the bike to the boy with the broken spade

I’m Afraid, of the night

And I won’t sleep until I see the comfort of the light


My mother died when I was born

My father he’s long gone

I trawl these streets and gather what I can

Can’t look people in the eye

I’ve got no money, my mouth is dry

But I want to make it to a man


I lost my aunt and mother,

A soldier shot my brother,

I see his face in every open door.

I’ve got no-one to turn to

But I know I’ll learn to

Cope with the horrors of this war,


The boy said I won’t leave you, and I will try to feed you

And he found some scraps outside a door

The cook came out to beat him, batter and defeat him

And left the boy in tatters on the floor


The girl helped him to his feet

They wondered lonely down the street

Each one the other one’s cover

The girl looked him in the eye

Said “boy I don’t want to die”

I’ll be your sister, if you’ll be my brother


Believe Me


Believe me my teddy bear

Everything I’m telling you is true                             

You don’t need to think but twice                                                                         

I’d never tell a lie to you                       



When I lie my eyes go crossed

My lips start turning grey

Maybe one day I’ll tell a lie

But I ain’t gonna tell a lie today



You gotta belieeeeve me

You gotta belieeeeve me                        

It’s the truth, the whole truth                

And nothing but the truth                  

Belieevvve me



I might sound far-fetched and way out there

It’s all true I swear it on my life

Sometimes I must convince myself

But it’s true, I swear it on my life



Is this how it’s going to be?

How dare you start questioning me?

I’m having coffee you can make your own tea

You gotta believe me