Today I met a ladybird
Whilst I was pulling up weeds
Fragile, gentle, beautiful
Curious, crawling amongst seeds

A ladybird’s life is a mystery to me
Where does it start or end?
Do ladybirds eat special things?
Could a ladybird ever have friends?

It furrowed along on the soil
Caring for me not one jot
Then down came my blundering fork
And panicked the creature a lot

It then flew away to somewhere new
With too little time say:
Hey, ladybird bug, nice to meet you
See you around maybe some day.


A familiar story

Sobering thoughts don’t always come
When you’ve had a drink
They wake you from your flat routine
And make you overthink.

All at once you see the past,
The future and the now.
All three states seem all to exist
In the same moment somehow.

Nothing yet, no news to know
But you can’t escape the matter
Academic rigour shares
The space of idle chatter.

Until we know we carry on
What else can we do?
Many before us, many to come
Our story is not new.

In the country

It used to be the bright lights of the city
That blew away my money and my mind
It used to those pretty girls, so skinny
But now I’ve left all that behind

Living in the country
Amongst the evergreens
Living in the country
I’ll tell you what I’ve seen

Seen the blackest sky so black yet so revealing
Street lights not in sight to pierce the air
Seen a rooster on its perch and flock a-calling
Seen the squirrels and the deer without a care

Living in the country
Sharing with that singing bird
Sing a-long with me, my friend
And I’ll tell you what I heard

Heard the sound of the mornin’ sweep across me
Guttural rasp of birds that start my day
Heard the wisdom, the passion and the glory
Of voices in the wind so far away

Living in the country
I’ll say what I can reveal?
Close your eyes, but keep your mind wide open
Lay back and absorb just what I feel

Feel like I’m at one with the world right now
I am nature, nature sure is me
Feel like I should never return to those neon lights
Feel like I should always stay… the country

In the country
In the country

Going it alone?

In the tent with one foot out
Or out with one foot in?
Debate engulfs the air waves
Where does it end or begin?

In with one foot on the mainland
Or out with a toe in the sea?
No reversing the choice we make
And it comes with no guarantee

In with the Union Jack hung high
Or out with a freedom to move?
Attached to the Tower of London
As much as I am to the Louvre.

In for a penny, in for a pound
Or out, and go it alone?
Whatever we do we’ll probably find
We’ll be doing it on our own.

Simple thoughts

Simple thoughts engulf me
They prey upon my mind
All the things I once desired
I’ve long since left behind

My idols slowly dying
My dreams are dying too
There’s nothing left inside my heart
I haven’t shared with you

I sometimes ask myself of life
Is this really it?
Nothing now but wage and age
Until I finally quit

Keep on keep on keeping on
Stay on in the race
Stand up proud, stand up tall
Never hide your face


In the cold of a winter morning
I hear you.
‘neath the waves of the summer sea
I feel your every move

I live out all your moments
In a time zone of my own
And I pray for you
When I am alone

Amongst commuter hustle
Lies a charming still
The blur of crowds
Creates a smooth surrender

I travel back in mind
To the place that I was born
To days I recall
That weren’t battered down and torn

Far outside my window
Yellow fields lie
The misty clouds
Beyond my comprehension

My boundaries are complete
When I know you’re in my space
My mind can only rest at ease
When everything’s in place

Continue, continue,
Continue breathing
That’s what you do
When there’s nothing else to do
Your heart will carry on
When you’re on the ropes
Determination doesn’t cease
When you’re sliding down the slopes

Just keep breathing.

Focus on the core of your life
Just keep breathing
Just keep breathing

Stream of consciousness

The way the stream begins its journey
From the mountain top
Is stuttering
And it’s barely even a stream

Then it gathers momentum
As it finds a pace it carves out a groove
More substantial
More permanent
It knows its future further down the hill may be stronger.

It occasionally splits out some way down the hill
Sometimes it may settle into an enclosed pool mid-way down a mountain side
Here the waters are still
Eventually it may dry up in the hot summer months

Mostly though, the water continues down Flurrying through the valley
Joining new streams until it bolts it’s way down into the river
The metropolis of water.
Premier destination for all mountain-top starter-streams.

And the river ebbs, meanders, rallies and twists throughout the counties

Until it arrives at the sea
And there the journey is complete.