Monthly Archives: March 2017


Today I met a ladybird
Whilst I was pulling up weeds
Fragile, gentle, beautiful
Curious, crawling amongst seeds

A ladybird’s life is a mystery to me
Where does it start or end?
Do ladybirds eat special things?
Could a ladybird ever have friends?

It furrowed along on the soil
Caring for me not one jot
Then down came my blundering fork
And panicked the creature a lot

It then flew away to somewhere new
With too little time say:
Hey, ladybird bug, nice to meet you
See you around maybe some day.


A familiar story

Sobering thoughts don’t always come
When you’ve had a drink
They wake you from your flat routine
And make you overthink.

All at once you see the past,
The future and the now.
All three states seem all to exist
In the same moment somehow.

Nothing yet, no news to know
But you can’t escape the matter
Academic rigour shares
The space of idle chatter.

Until we know we carry on
What else can we do?
Many before us, many to come
Our story is not new.