Monthly Archives: December 2016

In the country

It used to be the bright lights of the city
That blew away my money and my mind
It used to those pretty girls, so skinny
But now I’ve left all that behind

Living in the country
Amongst the evergreens
Living in the country
I’ll tell you what I’ve seen

Seen the blackest sky so black yet so revealing
Street lights not in sight to pierce the air
Seen a rooster on its perch and flock a-calling
Seen the squirrels and the deer without a care

Living in the country
Sharing with that singing bird
Sing a-long with me, my friend
And I’ll tell you what I heard

Heard the sound of the mornin’ sweep across me
Guttural rasp of birds that start my day
Heard the wisdom, the passion and the glory
Of voices in the wind so far away

Living in the country
I’ll say what I can reveal?
Close your eyes, but keep your mind wide open
Lay back and absorb just what I feel

Feel like I’m at one with the world right now
I am nature, nature sure is me
Feel like I should never return to those neon lights
Feel like I should always stay… the country

In the country
In the country