From A to B

It only takes a little nudge
To knock him off his bike
Knock him to the floor and bring him down
Your words today they hurt him
His happy thoughts desert him
And he’s aimlessly wandering round the town

He must be obsessed,
Either that or he’s depressed
Jealousy is what lies in between
He admits, he is jealous
And it’s wrenching at his gut
And he doesn’t know just what it is he’s seen

Can’t think about anything else
And thinking leads to drinking
And drinking surely cures a troubled mind,
But the morning after
Not even a child’s laughter
Can help him leave his darkest thoughts behind

Does he need a doctor?
Or does he need a shrink?
Or does he need to live with his own doubt?
He dare talk to no-one
In case they find the truth
And he’s not ready to hear it spelled out

Take him as he is or take him
To a sealed room
When he doesn’t know if it’s dark or light
Don’t tell him what you did today
Don’t tell him what you’ll do tomorrow
And he can’t think about what you might have done tonight.

He’ll get over it he surely will
He did it once before
He ran a thousand miles to stand right here
He’ll knock you off his radar
He knows he’s not on yours
And the future now is becoming slowly clear.


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