I’m Afraid

I’m Afraid


I’m Afraid, I’m Afraid,

Said the girl with the bike to the boy with the broken spade

I’m Afraid, of the night

And I won’t sleep until I see the comfort of the light


My mother died when I was born

My father he’s long gone

I trawl these streets and gather what I can

Can’t look people in the eye

I’ve got no money, my mouth is dry

But I want to make it to a man


I lost my aunt and mother,

A soldier shot my brother,

I see his face in every open door.

I’ve got no-one to turn to

But I know I’ll learn to

Cope with the horrors of this war,


The boy said I won’t leave you, and I will try to feed you

And he found some scraps outside a door

The cook came out to beat him, batter and defeat him

And left the boy in tatters on the floor


The girl helped him to his feet

They wondered lonely down the street

Each one the other one’s cover

The girl looked him in the eye

Said “boy I don’t want to die”

I’ll be your sister, if you’ll be my brother



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