Believe Me


Believe me my teddy bear

Everything I’m telling you is true                             

You don’t need to think but twice                                                                         

I’d never tell a lie to you                       



When I lie my eyes go crossed

My lips start turning grey

Maybe one day I’ll tell a lie

But I ain’t gonna tell a lie today



You gotta belieeeeve me

You gotta belieeeeve me                        

It’s the truth, the whole truth                

And nothing but the truth                  

Belieevvve me



I might sound far-fetched and way out there

It’s all true I swear it on my life

Sometimes I must convince myself

But it’s true, I swear it on my life



Is this how it’s going to be?

How dare you start questioning me?

I’m having coffee you can make your own tea

You gotta believe me


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