30th July 2014

They always say focus the mind, don’t think about anything too much and write about what you know about. So here’s a 3 minute poem about what happened today.

I woke up at 5 then went back to bed,
Work thoughts running around in my head
Finally woke and jumped in the shower
Jumped in the car bang on the hour

The train was on time it, was quarter to 7
Had 6 cups of tea before half past 11
Enjoyable first meeting at 9 o’clock
Found an unwanted hole in my sock

Great presentation on kids and their views
Hole getting bigger, I need better shoes
Borrowed some money to buy a fresh salad
This ain’t a poem, it’s a beautiful ballad.

When I got back my parcel arrived,
Stopped what I was doing and dived right inside
Attempted to use it at my meeting at 2
Always happens when I buy something new

Sent many emails, made a few calls
Span a few plates, juggled some balls
Admired my team and their inspiring ideas
Overcame challenges, held back some tears

Said farewell to a colleague who’ll be sorely missed
Had one glass of wine and didn’t get drunk (how drole)
Got home after 6 and put on the cricket
Put on the kettle and missed the last wicket

And so I am here now I’ve watered the flowers
Been a long day, I’ve been up 16 hours
Time to turn in and turn out the lights
And dare to think about tomorrow’s delights.


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