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Leaving you (lyrics & chords)

Leaving you

Ever since I told you
Something between us changed
Yet we carried on like everything’s the same

But now the end is coming
And the taxi engine’s humming
We both now it it’s the end of the game

For the most part, yeah, I liked it
And I know that you did too
You can’t hide that, but I’ve seen you really trying

Your strong stiff upper lip,
Can’t prolong this trip
And I won’t hold it against you for crying


Can I hold you close to me,
Just for one last time?
Can I see that sparkle in your eyes?

And please for me, stay silent
For when if you say those words
Am G
Something inside of me just dies


I didn’t love you,
I didn’t hate you
I respected you
And I kinda liked you too

There often is a moment
When everything just fits
But I think that moment may have come and gone

And we had to release it
It was out of our control
I wasn’t right, and you were not wrong

Wish me well on my journey
As I will to you, on yours
And good luck, though I know it’s not what you need

Your passion deep inside you
And that fire in your soul
Is all you’ll that you’ll require to succeed


Stay just one more hour with me
Then I’ll really have to go
But I’m just not quite ready to say goodbye

Remember what you want of me,
Just be honest in your thoughts,
And as for me, well I can only try.


Missing You (lyrics)

Sunday today and my head is low, the light in my room is so dim,
Sun shining bright but the curtains are drawn I won’t be rushed by Him.

Lazily lazily, nothing too fast, I’m waiting for the penny to drop,
Coffee is black, my cheeks are white, I like my eggs sunny side up.

1 week away from you or could it be 2, time is an illusionary trick,
Yolk spilling out like lava in flow, all of this making me sick.

I think of you now, are you dreaming of me? I’m such fool about you,
3 weeks to go till i see you again, it’s dry but my eyes are wet through.

I miss you honey, I miss you so much, I’m vacant my body feels numb,
But I surely now know I won’t let you go, don’t know what I would become.

I’m storing my stories and pictures I take, I’ll show you them all when I’m home,
And you can tell me all you wanted to tell me, that you just couldn’t say on the phone.

Time can be a rocket and time can crawl, I guess it’s a state of mind,
And it’s upside down as you’re dark deep in your dream, the sun here is making me blind.

Letters I’ve written and phone calls we’ve made, highlights, they are, in my day,
I’m not a believer, or so I thought, but I find myself wanting to pray.

Pray for your safety, pray for your joy, pray to the heavens above,
I pray for the future and give thanks for the past; I pray for your endless love.

I miss you my honey, I miss you so much, uou don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone,
If I knew it before, then it’s destiny now, for me, you are the one.

It’s not everyday I’m trapped in this mood, I’m traveling a fascinating place,
The people are friendly and hosts they are kind, but there are some things that they can’t replace.

I’ve seen many places and learnt new things, I’m lucky to do what I do,
Call me greedy, but I’d give anything, if I could do it together with you.

Time ticking on like I knew it would; I’m watching the moody clouds form,
Sun rising up on your beautiful face, my dusky light is your dawn.

Feeling sleepy now, though what have I done? Well, it wasn’t a waste of time,
If once in a while I can wax lyrical and thank the Lord that you’re mine.

I miss you my darling, I miss you so much, but it’s getting easier to bare,
Your love is mine and my love is yours, life’s brilliant, I haven’t a care.

The Day’s Only Just Begun (lyrics)

Day’s only just begun


I open my eyes and the day’s begun

Don’t want to miss out on all that fun

Mum says I’ll only once be young

She don’t much but she knows her son

And I might just fly away

And right the wrongs of yesterday

But all these thoughts are in my head

I haven’t yet got out of bed

Cos the day’s only just begun

The day’s only just begun


I open my eyes and the sun is bright

Gotta get up, gonna think I might

Shade my eyes from the blindin light

Only young can’t lose my sight

And I might just take the sun

And remain forever young

But all these thoughts are wild dreams

No one knows what they really mean

Cos the day’s only just begun

The day’s only just begun


I open my eyes and the sky is clear

Hear a bird and it sounds so near

Face the day without a fear

Time for breakfast cornflakes and beer

What’s the point in growing old?

It doesn’t change what’s in your soul

But I’m not dressed and I’ve got no plan

I’m just a boy, I’m not a man

Cos the day’s only just begun

The day’s only just begun.


RR (2001)