English Universities

This one was inspired by the great Tom Lehrer singing the elements in the periodic table to the tune of Model of a modern Major General. Same tune for this one, but this time its a list of all the universities in England….in the words of Tom Lehrer “this next song is completely pointless”….

There’s Exeter and Hertfordshire and Huddersfield and Gloucestershire and Westminster and Winchester and Worcester, York and Bedfordshire and Wolverhampton, York St John, Warwick, Keele and Lancaster and Teeside, Portsmouth, Plymouth, Reading, Hull and Central Lancashire.

There’s Newcastle and Roehampton and Leeds and Kent and Manchester and Oxford Brookes Northumbria, Soas, Bath and Staffordshire and Salford, Sussex, Surrey, Open, MMU and Cumbria and West London, Sunderland, Sheffield and Anglia.

There’s Northampton and Southampton and Middlesex and Nottingham and NTU and UEA and Derby, Solent, Buckingham and Open, South Bank, Loughborough and QM, Hallum, Chichester and Bradford, Bristol Bournemouth, Brighton, BCU and Birmingham.

There’s West of England, Holloway, Cranfield and Coventry, De Montfort, Chester, City, Hope and Leeds Metropolitan, there’s Lincoln Leicester John Moores King’s and London Metropolian and not forgetting london’s school of hygiene and tropical medicine.

I must admit there are some international universities, there’s Harvard, Yale and MTU and plenty more overseas, there’s Tokyo and Sydney and few good ones in Switzerland, but let me now return to the list of those in Engerland.

There’s Greenwich, Essex, Edge Hill, Kingston, UCL and Liverpool and Aston, Bolton, Bath Spa Brunel and then there’s London Business School and the University of Arts, East London, London, LSE, there’s Durham, Cambridge and Oxford, but sadly they rejected me.

Despite a short diversion when I veered slightly overseas, that was a list of all the only English Universities.


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