What do you think she’ll say?

When I finally come to ask her,

What do you think she’ll say?

Will she wrap her arms around me

Or turn her face away?

Is there any way of knowing?

Cos my mind’s in such a mess

Whether she’ll say no

Or whether she’ll say yes.


It’s been 4 years and counting

And I think my timing’s right

And I always think about it

And it wakes me in the night

And how do you phrase the question?

Because I really must confess

I really ought to get it right

If she is to say yes.


There’s many ways to do it

You gotta give it thought

Do you drag it out for hours?

Or keep it sweet and short

Do you do it in the bedroom?

Do you do it on a date?

Do it in the morning

Or wait til it gets late?


We’ll I’ve heard it done on aeroplanes

And seen it done on ships

In Michelin star restaurants

Over a bag of chips

You can scream it from the mountain tops

Or whisper in her ear

Do it in the pouring rain

Or wait until its clear.


For me I think I’ll stay at home

And cook her favourite food

Put a record on the player

So to create the mood

I’ll wear my tuxedo

And she will wear a dress

I’ll ask ‘darling will you marry me?’

And I just hope that she’ll say ‘yes’!


(she did!)


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