Car Journey

The tempered road of grey unfolds the endlessness of day

It turns and winds and broken signs they help him on his way

The wind sings long a painful song, the timber trees twist benter

The noise unto his ears can bear it pierces to his centre.


The journey’s end so far yet in his mind he is but there

He sees and smells his hands are pouring through her golden hair

The rain drives down and obstacles are littered in the road

His eyes see a beauty face, the most he’s ever knowed.


Since last they met she may have changed, inevitably true

But he still knows her hair’s still gold and eyes still bottle blue

And can they grasp the moments that they had right from the start?

No change can move the place of her that’s settled in his heart.


The road now is deserted like the time they first did meet

Just them alone with nervous pounds of every heart that beat

Far into the distance is a lonely flickering light

Reminds him of the lantern used that saw them through their night.


A passing car it flashes past, a tear falls from his eye

Reminds him of a flash of pain that nothing can belie

For in a jolt some day long gone a flash appeared so fast

A strangers arm took her hand and thus defined his past.


And many cars are passing now, but there are none to mention

He has no cares for them his heart cannot be brought to question.

And many times he’s tried to recreate that which he has lost

But candles in the winter garden can’t prevent the frost.


But still he drives, he’ll carry on. It’s now or it is never

His ties to her made of a kind that none can truly sever

And if it’s so she’s found a life of happiness and laughter

He’ll turn about and trawl the road to begin his second chapter.


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